We offer free courses to our community while building friendships

The mission of the Kingsway Learning Centre (KIC) is to offer FREE educational services to help build the lives of our community members. We have a variety of career professionals donating their time to sharing their skills completely free of charge.


Our Spring session started on April 2 with seven classes being offered and ran until June 18th, 2017. The classes offered were Math Tutoring, Guitar Lessons, Healthy Vegetarian Cooking, English as a Second Language, Pronunciation, Financial Literacy and Fitness Exercises. Classes started every Sunday morning at 9:00 am with Math Tutoring. Students from NAIT and surrounding high schools came and received the extra tutoring they needed to confidently write their final math exams. 


In the afternoons, the Guitar Lessons, Healthy Vegetarian Cooking classes and other classes were in full progress.


 Community members who benefited from these Instructional courses and who had educational expertise in other areas have volunteered their services for future classes to benefit the community of central Edmonton. One Student with his PhD, has volunteered his services as an instructor in Science and another of the students demonstrated healthy Chinese vegetarian cooking during one of the classes and offered to contribute to the next Healthy Cooking sessions in the fall. 


What an uplifting experience to see the enthusiasm of community members, who are appreciative of what they have benefited from and are so eager to give back to others in community we serve. This is what Kingsway Instructional Centre is all about.
In summary, the 2017 Spring Session was a success and we wish to thank the over 40 volunteers and instructors, who unselfishly gave of their time to make  central Edmonton one of the best places to live in as a community.

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